Tentative Restock List

Here's a list of items that will be restocked at some point. Please check back for estimated time on when they'll be available! This list is subject to change.

List last updated: 1/14/2021

  • Floral Lightstick Series
    1. SVT Carat Bong V2 (TBD)
    2. GOT7 Ahgabong (TBD)
    3. ARMY Bomb V3 (TBD)
    4. EXO Eribong (January)
    5. MX Mondoongie V2 (TBD)
    6. ATEEZ Lightiny (January)
    7. Red Velvet Mandubong (TBD)
    8. ASTRO Robong (TBD)
    9. SF9 Jigubong (TBD)
  • Certified Fandom Series
    1. IGOT7 (January)
    2. MOA (TBD)
    3. Stay V2 (January)
    4. Atiny (TBD)
    5. ARMY (January)
    6. NCTzen (TBD)
    7. MyDay (TBD)
    8. Black Rose (TBD)
    9. Carat (TBD)
  • HYYH (January)
  • Beanie Goms (TBD)
  • ATEEZ Wave/Illusion Bandanas (TBD)