Tentative Restock List

Here's a list of items that will be restocked at some point. Please check back for estimated time on when they'll be available! This list is subject to change.

List last updated: 3/2/2020

  • Floral Lightstick Series
    1. SVT Carat Bong V2 (TBD)
    2. MX Mondoongie V2 (March)
  • Certified Series
    1. Aroha (TBD)
    2. ARMY (TBD)
    3. Carat (TBD)
    4. EXO-L (March)
    5. Monbebe (TBD)
    6. Stay (TBD)
    7. ONCE (TBD)
    8. Shawol (TBD)
  • Magic Shop (March)
  • HYYH (March)
  • ATEEZ Illusion (March)
  • Dream Store (TBD)
  • Crab Hoshi (TBD)
  • SVT Ode to You Tour (TBD)
  • Beanie Goms (March)