New Beginnings

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

After I received the news about Etsy's increasing of fees, I had spent about a week reading about the pros and cons on staying or moving to another platform.

I've started making my little kpop buttons in 2015 for GOT7's fanmeet in Dallas (it was my first kpop concert!) and the turnout was unexpectedly awesome! Ever since then, I never looked back. I did take a little break where I was only making buttons for any upcoming tours. 

It wasn't until the end of 2017 that I've finally decided to open an Etsy shop. Etsy had helped me gain so much exposure in just a few short months, I wondered why I didn't join the marketplace sooner!

But in the end... I've decided to move. 

So here we are!

I am SO excited to start on this new journey with you all and I will be forever thankful to my supporters! <3 


Much love,



P.S. Please bear with me as I am still getting my new shop together! If there's a broken link or if something seems off, please let me know!

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