[PROCESS] ATEEZ Lightstick Design Contest

[PROCESS] ATEEZ Lightstick Design Contest

[PROCESS] ATEEZ Lightstick Design Contest

Last year, KQ Entertainment announced a design contest for ATEEZ's lightstick. I was hesitant to participate at first because, well, I've never designed a lightstick. Not only that, but there are TONS of talented fans out there, including ones that design lightsticks just for fun (and they look so good!)

I wanted to get away from the whole "pirate/treasure" concept because I didn't think that's something the group will be sticking with their whole career so I wanted to come up with something that's timeless (for the most part). 

The idea of incorporating a compass comes to mind and having components spinning in different directions seemed pretty cool in my head. As far as colors go, I went with an aurora borealis palette (they're also the same colors for destiny!). The shape of the handle was octagonal to represent the eight members. 


Packaging: A lot of the packaging for ATEEZ were in one color with spot UV so I repeated that aesthetic onto the lightstick box

Although my design wasn't chosen, the project was still fun to do! It was completely new to me and I enjoyed the whole thing. Thank you KQ for giving us the opportunity to participate in the design process!

Congratulations to the winner of the contest!


Just for kicks, here's a white version:


  • This is absolutely immaculate! It’s beautiful! I LOVE the choice of black or white, and it IS timeless! Maybe they will hold a contest for a version 2? And you can submit again? I honestly don’t know what you would change on it for a different take on what you already have. It’s already so perfect! 😭❤❤

    Melody on

  • If you had made an announcement saying that regardless of not winning the contest, that you planned to actually make it,I would have bought both version hands down no questions asked because it’s a simply marvelous deign. The thought process behind it is so incredible and the fact that it goes with a song Hongjoong wrote for Atiny makes my heart skip a beat. I hope that in the future if There is a chance for a version 2 of the Lightiny, I hope it is yours 🥺💜 I’d love to have one

    Miah Alamillo on

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