Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker

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Happy Friday! Today’s post will be about yours truly, because why not? I don’t know how many of you are even interested in getting to know a little bit about me but I figured I’d just write about myself anyway. (Some of you may already know some of these things from the Instagram Questions sticker feature.)

Without further ado, my name is Mai and I am a Vietnamese American born and raised in Louisiana. I went to college majoring in fine arts with a concentration in graphic design and am currently working at a small advertising agency. I also do a bit of freelancing on the side as well. So ladies and gentlemen, I am a graphic designer by day and still a graphic designer by night (haha). I do have yet another side gig that I’ve established some years ago and that is handlettering and doing custom chalk art and wedding signs. I am constantly doing artsy things!

Why The Dancing Tiger? For a project for one of my design classes, we had to come up with a name for ourselves (whether we wanted to use our own names or not) and put together a resumé and portfolio and do a mock interview. Anyway, I used to dance and dancing was something I've always LOVED to do. The tiger part is just my Chinese zodiac, lol. I don't know, I just knew that I didn't want to use my own name. And there you go. Boring right?


Other things about me

What I’m not good at:

  • Writing! I am horrible at writing so please do not be a harsh grammar police >_<
  • Being/staying organized. You guys have seen my workspace(s).
  • Remembering things. Or rather I have selective memory? In either case, I am very forgetful.

My Go-To Tools:

  • 27” iMac
  • 13” MacBook Pro
  • 9” iPad Pro + Apple Pencil
  • Procreate App
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Traditional pencil + paper


If there’s anything else you’d like to know, drop a comment!




  • Nice to meet you Mai, I also studied Advertising in college, but I always felt like I was not good enough to be in advertising, always felt there is someone out there who is better than me, but now you are inspiring me to start doing art and crafts again:).

    Farhana on

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